It doesn’t really matter… go and do something!

I’ve listened and watched Seth Godin uttering this sentence time after time after time… Well, perhaps it is about time to let his words sink in and take some action. So, I guess, nothing better than to start this blog journey with his words hammering in my head propelling me to write, to take a dive…

I’ve recently listened to him yet again in a couple of Tim Ferris’ Podcast – Seth Godin on How to Think Small to Go Big! – the same hypnotic shaman words whispering in my ears  – do your thing, go small but let the genius out – Seth possesses this amazing simplistic philosophy to life and work – Just do it!

It doesn’t really matter, it will only matter to those who will miss you when you do not show up, when the blog post is not written that morning, or if you suddenly stop touching the lives of those who love and appreciate your art. If they don’t exitst, nothing really matters, it doesn’t matter if you fail, if your writing is aweful, what matter is keep doing. You haven’t put the 10,000 hours yet. Go and do something.

Let the Genius out, shut the lizard brain, take a risk and step outside, CONNECT!


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