True lasting habits change are granular…

Atomic HabitsIn the age of quantum computing and exponential growth real lasting changes occur at a granular level…or as James Clear puts it, it happens at an atomic level.

I highly recommend James book “Atomic Habits”. I’ve just finished it and will have to start again. So much to take in… James has written from what he has lived and it gives him great authority. He mentioned in the book “to write a great book you have to become the book” he has definitely become the book he wrote.

“We imitate the Habits of the close, the many and the Powerful”

“Action is the only behaviour that produces an outcome.”

“Motion becomes a form of procrastination you have to change something act.”


He mentioned in the book that the 3rd Law of Behavioural Change is making easy to change. I guess many times we complicate and make it hard for us to change and develop new healthy habits. We either want to go full-on, start and then give up later or we keep beating around the bush and never start, we use excuses, procrastination etc.

He also talks about the 2 minutes law. Start something for two minutes and the stop! Keep repeating that. Make it easy for those repetitions to occur. It is all about the reps, not the raps! Well rehearsed words will never drive any change, action will. The most effective type of habit building come from actions and not by learning, it is by the consistent practising that a new habit is formed.


future start today

By designing a world around you that makes it is easier to do what is right and not wrong one can see better results. Design your environment to make it easier to keep up with good habits. These habits will eventually grow and develop to become your destiny.

Redesign your life to a point where the actions that matter the most are easier to perform. We will always gravitate towards the action that takes the least amount of effort to perform. This is what we naturally do as humans.

Along the time that creates a pattern in your life that is going to be repeated Time After Time and you might change things. Master the habit of showing up, build up with the 2 minutes rule, make the first action frictionless,  make it the first action quick to perform and the rest will follow

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