Andy is a change agent and visionary supporting and empowering leaders to take massive action. He is a student of the Future learning from History, Philosophy, Human Psychology, Science and Spirituality what shapes our lives, decisions and our future. He is a writer, nomad entrepreneur and philanthropist.

CEO and Founder of the Leading 360o Global Consultancy

Andy is passionate about enterprise and innovative business ventures, the future and digital technologies, creativity and innovation. From his first Monopoly game given to him by his dad to later on his first PC during the noisy dial-up Internet, his vision has always been using business, technology and economics to change people’s lives.

He is a keen student of philosophy, history, psychology and the future, studies he devotes most of his time to. Andy’s focus, attention and endeavours are in developing what he calls the Applied Wisdom System of Leadership development to unlock human and business potential enabling people anywhere to fulfil their life dreams.

Since his first company at the age of 18 to his current business he has had great fun getting involved in various business ventures either founding, managing or directing them with others, delivering innovative commercial enterprise products and services, digital marketing solutions, keynote speaking in various events, networks, mentoring and leading others.

“I have had the privilege to learn from amazing “life/business” mentors and coaches (dad being the greatest!) who taught me a lot about people, philosophy and ethics, spirituality, behavioural psychology, leadership, finance, management etc, as well as every aspect of business creation and enterprise and business management.” Andy Lima

Andy’s work as an academic and practitioner focus on digital technologies and innovation, consumer insights studying¬†future trends in digital technologies, society and organisations in order to improve business and marketing management systems.

Recently, he has been inspired to branch out into new topics relating to the future of learning both in higher education and within organisations as a whole.

One of his personal goal and ambition are to understand how and what humans will be applying to learn with the development of machine learning and AI, the future of the workplace and how companies will be building their global leadership capabilities integrating human and machine work in a sustainable way.

While writing this blog, he hopes to be improving his own knowledge, and hopefully, the knowledge of the readers as well in the area of applied wisdom and leadership in the age we live in – The Age of Machines!

This blog will explore not only the aforementioned, but also the integration and intersection of three ecosystems  Рthe physical world, what we see and experience all around us, and the vast human world that dauntingly surrounds us, the mind, the self or the individual and lastly, the virtual cyber world.

The daunting reality is that we should already be making changes today that will lead us towards a sustainable future. Technologies are moving at a faster pace than our ability to embrace these changes and adapt. My goal is to get voices and opinions across that bolster and aid the efforts of many minds working on arduous tasks, students preparing to join the workplace and organisation struggling to come to terms with all these changes whilst still building true leadership skils and human empathy. – Andy Lima

Andy is more than happy to be contacted via this blog for speaking commitments or leadership consultancy work.