About Andy

Andy’s work  as an academic and practitioner focus on digital technologies and innovation, consumer insights studying future trends in digital technologies, society and organisations in order to improve business and marketing management systems.

Recently, he has been inspired to branch out into new topics relating the future of learning both in higher education and within organisations as a whole.

His personal goal and ambition is to understand how and what humans will be applying learning with the development of machine learning  and AI, the future of workplace and how companies will be building their digital leadership capabilities integrating human and machine work in a sustainable way.

While writing this blog, he hopes to be improving his own knowledge, and hopefully, the knowledge of the readers as well.

This blog will explore not only the aforementioned, but also the integration and intersection of three ecosystems  – the physical world, what we see and experience all around us, and the vast human world that dauntingly surrounds us, the mind, the self or the individual and lastly, the virtual world.

The daunting reality is that we should already be making changes today that will lead us towards a sustainable future. Technologies are moving at a faster pace than our ability to embrace these changes and adapt. My goal is to get voices and opinions across that bolster and aid the efforts of many minds working on arduous tasks, students preparing to join the workplace and organisation struggling to come to terms with all these changes. – Andy Lima

A summary of activities Andy is currently involved in:

> Business consultancy and coaching in the area of Digital Strategy, Business Innovation, Marketing and Leadership development for SMEs, non-profits and Global companies;
> Research & Enterprise work applied to both academia and industry;
> Development of Higher Education teaching programmes as well as seminars and workshops for companies including public speaking in business events and conferences;