About DADx

three wise monkeys

Dadx Channel aims to build the bridge between fathers and sons, as well as sons to fathers. It is a ‘father-son’s life conversations project. I have started this dad’s conversation, first of all, hoping that I can bless my two sons and leave something to them. Though I had carried this inside of me for a long time, I have never got around to do it. There is growing concern inside me for the future of the next generation and an urge to do everything I can to support them.

This project is not meant to be my own, so please drop me a message if you are also a father concerned for your sons. It’s a crazy world we live in, I wish I had more fathers in my life, yet I had a few good mentors. My father was a lovely man but not always present, he was not there for himself either, but I know he did love me.

I have not always been a present dad, yet I have always had growing concerns of the generation after me and what kind of world I can leave to them, or how much wisdom I can pass on to enable them to be men of valour who stand for righteousness and truth.