Future and Foresight Workshop – Is Your Retail Business Ready For the Future Ahead?

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“The Digital Skills Gap and the Future of Jobs 2020 – The Fundamental Growth Mindset”

A few years ago I’ve watched a Gary Vee talk about how hustling and grit allied to today’s socio-technologies could help one to achieve anything one dreamt of.

“There is now excuse in 2009 for you to do s#&t you do not like” Gary Vaynerchuk

At the event he only added (in his own words) one ‘should stop watching f*&#ing ‘Lost’. Yes, that’s old right? Lost’s gone, but now we have Netflix and Amazon Prime! I guess what he meant was: stop waisting your time. We’ve got way too many distractions and entertainment.

Tic-tac-tic-tac…I’ve written that on my bedroom mirror, it is the first thing I see when I get up. It is just a note to self that time is short and running out. Time is the only thing we can never get back.

We have no time to lose! But most of the activities in our modern society is designed and packed for us to leave us in a contant numbing state, dorment and alienated from reality. They are incredibly well-thought through and created to distract us or to impede us from reaching our destination, our full potential, to achieve our life-given dreams.

Which bring us to the theme of this blog: the future of our work!

Time is our most prescious commodity in a age where every bit of technological advancement is moving faster than our skills, abilities and human capacity for change and absorption. That goes the same for our workplace and professional careers.

Let me ask you this question: Is your career future-proof?

If you are not preparing yourself for upcoming future changes within your workplace and sector you might be heading for a pitiful disappointment. Some of these changes are already here and creeping in without you seeing or perceiving them.

In a recent TED talk Dorie Clark stated that 20 to 30 percent of adult professional in Europe are either in freelance or independent working contract and the trend is on the raise.

Watch the video below and make your own judgement and conclusions. Above all, I urge you to conduct your own piece of research and start working on yourself and your skills.

Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work hard on your job you can make a living, but if you work hard on yourself you’ll make a fortune.” Jim Rohn

The only way to survive these changes and workplace transformation is to develop a life-long learning attitude and character.

There’s no value in keep blaming technology, AI, robotics, Sylicon Valley, Google etc… As Jordan Peterson mentions in his book 12 Rules for life “if the world you are seeing is not the world you want, therefore it is time to examine your values…It might be even the time to sacrifice what you love best, so that you can become who you might become, instead of staying who your are”

Eliminate every ounce of distraction and focus on what you want to achieve. Whenever possible help others on the way…

Why action is the only thing that matters…

“Let us therefore set out whole-heartedly, leaving aside our many distractions and exert ourselves in this single purpose, before we realize too late the swift and unstoppable flight of time and are left behind. As each day arises, welcome it as the very best day of all, and make it your own possession. We must seize what flees.”

Wherever the state we found ourselves in today it was brought about by our own past decisions. All the things we have done or the ones we did not. How we have reacted to the environment and people’s actions against us.

Since time is always against us, either because we are mortally bound by it or because while alive somebody else or something else will eventually prove to be more efficient and cost effective that us, we must focus all our thoughts and ideas, all our energy to act and execute, to better ourselves striving to achieve whatever it is we have in our hearts.

It starts now, today is the only time left to do it…

‘Holly Jobs’, the iPhone X (it’s ten not X btw)

Apple cult still seems to be doing well as the release of their new iPhone X gathered hundred of thousands of faithful worshippers in front of stores all over the world to try get hold of their latest (vintage) model to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone.

The most impressive thing for me is how people still queue up to pay $999 for it…

Is it only about the power of the brand or the world has gone completely mad?! 

The fact is that nobody is queue up to buy a Samsung, nor any other mobile brand for that matter.